I’m leaving my job to write a novel

I’m taking redundancy from my role as digital editor after nearly seven years. This summer will see some big changes but one of them will be the chance to write full time, at least for a while. As well as writing poetry over the past few years, I’ve been working on some longer stories I want to tell. So, here I go.

But how is it financially possible to quit your job and write a novel?

It probably isn’t. There’s been saving, scrimping, budgeting and now the temporary breathing room granted by a redundancy payment. Outgoings will be screwed down for the foreseeable. I’ll also engage in freelance work to maintain some income, specialising in online content.

What will I get out of reading this blog?

I’ll update regularly with musings on my progress and the craft, as well as excerpts from the story. This is a big change. All being well, I’ll move to the coast with wife, young ‘un and a grumpy black cat. There’ll be lots to talk about besides the novel. Don’t worry, it won’t be about the word count.

What’s your novel about?

Well, there are two stories I want to tell. One is about an author having a midlife crisis in Paris. I’m some way into the first draft of this and it’d be a good excuse for my brother and me to visit some Parisian bars on a ‘research’ jaunt. So much for screwing down costs. The other story is a folk tale: a lumberjack’s son embarks on a quest to free his father from an evil king. This one draws on the writings of Joseph Campbell, whose ‘follow your bliss’ motto could be to blame for my decision to throw financial prudence to the wind. The next step is to decide which story to focus on for now.

I hope you’ll join me for the journey. I’ll need all of your advice and encouragement along the way.

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