Here are links to friends, sites of interest and people whose work I enjoy. To suggest a link or if you’d like your website to feature here, email me at


The World Adventures of a Niamh – a great poet who lives in Dublin.
Hugh Greasley – artist and poet whose work featured in The Inner Sea.
Majella Cullinane – Irish poet and novelist living in New Zealand.
Rachael Boast – author of Sidereal and Pilgrim’s Flower.
Isabel Rogers – poet, novelist and cellist.
Andrew McMillan – creative writing lecturer and poet.
To the Gate and Back – mysterious mountain biker, photographer and poet.
Live Canon – performing classic and contemporary poetry.
The Poetry Society – promoting the art in the UK.


Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta – Setting the Wheel of Dharma in Motion sutra. Sets out the Four Noble Truths.
The Blue Cliff Record – classic compendium of Zen koans.
The Gateless Gate – Mumon’s masterwork.
Shaseki-shu - The Collection of Stone and Sand. Zen koans by Muju, the non-dweller.
Zazengi – instructions for sitting zazen from Dogen’s Shobogenzo.


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy – a treasure trove of ideas.
The StoneThe New York Times‘ philosophy blog.
Scientia Salon – webzine about philosophy and science.
How to BelieveGuardian series on philosophy and religion.
Philosophy and Human Values – one of Rick Roderick’s great lecture series.
The Dream of Scipio – Cicero’s meditation on the hollowness of worldly fame.

My other websites

The Book of Almost Truths – playful short stories.
There Is Beauty – a hopefully inspirational blog I set up, now discontinued.


Tea & a Biscuit – blog of uber designer and illustrator Nicky B.
Des Sherwood – my guitar teacher, the master.