Poetry bio


Shortlisted in the Live Canon Poetry Competition in 2011–14.
Shortlisted for The Bridport Prize in 2008, 2010–14.
Shortlisted for the Basil Bunting Poetry Award in 2010.
Shortlisted for an Eric Gregory Award in 2007, 2009.


Live Canon 2014, anthology.
The Inner Sea, shared pamphlet, 2013.
Live Canon 2013, anthology.
Live Canon 2012, anthology.
Live Canon Poems for Christmas CD.
Live Canon 2011 Prize Anthology.
Stolen Weather, anthology, 2006.

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The Inner Sea

The Inner Sea is a collection of poems by three emerging UK poets. Subtle echoes resonate throughout this small anthology. There are subjects as unexpected as mythical sea monsters, smartphone stargazing and alternating themes of relationships, philosophy and art.

Three quite different styles and sensibilities overlap in this book; let yourself sink into them, seeing what each current brings.”

— Brian Evans-Jones, Hampshire Poet 2012

Poems by Mark Cooper, Joe Franklin & Hugh Greasley.