Writing about mindfulness and meditation


5 Apr 2024

I walked down to the harbour and into a tiny shack for a coffee, and got chatting to the barista about computers and Star Trek. Then his pal popped in and the conversation continued, then someone else joined in. It was raining outside and I was in no hurry to go anywhere. Not for the first time of late, I began to suspect that the reason this all felt so easy was that my neurotribe had...
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The sheepdog in my brain

1 Apr 2024

One morning recently, driving past a farm, I saw sheep escaping from their pasture and spilling out into the road. I stopped the car to avoid scaring them and making things worse. Just as the sheep were about to enter another property, the sheepdog caught up with them and jumped and barked to corral them in the opposite direction. The ringleader was a mother with two lambs. She was quite...
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My overview of early Buddhist practice

25 Mar 2024

Welcome to my new website. This is intended to be a space where I write down my thoughts about Buddhism and meditation, and related issues. It’s a personal blog, so it reflects my views and experience. I do not claim to be any kind of authority. Instead, I will just talk about things how I see them, and perhaps readers will find some things useful or else be able to see my missteps and not repeat...
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